DK ABS Material Safety Helmet Has Passed Safety Inspection

- Mar 14, 2020-

DK ABS Material Safety Helmet Has Passed Safety Inspection

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EN 166:2002

The Features of DK Safety Helmet:

1.Roll the brim of the wide hat, block the light and rain, suitable for outdoor work, the top of a word shutter breathable design.

2. Double crown, top color can be arbitrarily matched, suitable for large enterprises to distinguish between different types of work, to strengthen the hat, improve the lateral pressure capacity, enhance the head side protection.



3. Slots on both sides can be used with protective mask, anti-noise earmuff, mask, flashlight, etc.;Recessed ear contour lines on both sides make it easy to wear hearing protection devices

4. The top vent is designed to provide better air circulation, and the lining has 4 support points



[Notes] :

All the indexes of safety helmet meet the national standard (gb2811-2007).Before use, please check whether all the headgear pins are inserted into the headgear hole to ensure the overall strength of the headgear

Adjust the depth of cap lining and the length of cap band according to the size of the head, fasten the cap band to achieve balance and comfort

[Service life] : 

The service life of the helmet is two and a half years

In case of serious impact or crack, the product should be treated as scrap and cannot be used again



[Scope of application]

   Construction, transportation, power, mining, metallurgy, oil, shipping and other industries