DK - New Product Solar Barricade Light Has Been Online Sale

- Mar 09, 2020-

DK - New Product Solar Barricade Light Has Been Online Sale

DK Solar barrier flashing light is a kind of lighting tool that appears in order to cooperate with traffic barrier tools at night. It is suitable for road command, traffic diversion, inspection and road construction warning.



Here are the advantages of DK solar barricade lights:

First, the barricade lamp must pay attention to low power consumption, the use of LED as a form of light source, this form of light source and the traditional light source is very different, this light source has more characteristics, in the entire power consumption of the most consumption, and the energy consumption is also smaller.

Second, the roadblock light to pay attention to the signal color, generally, as a roadblock light, we suggest that the color is not too much, but should try to use a single tone, such signal warning is more obvious.

Third, to ensure the service life of the roadblock flashing lights, there are many ways to extend the service life, of course, in general, the life of the whole LED is up to 50,000 hours, and the life of the general incandescent lights will be very short, and these are about the total maintenance cost of the size.



Fourth, the working temperature of the roadblock flash lamp: at the high temperature of +80℃ or at the low temperature of -40℃, the signal lamp can still work normally, and the whole damp-heat performance: under the condition of relative humidity ≤95%, the signal lamp can still work normally.

Fitth, about electrical safety performance.The first involves the insulation resistance: insulation resistance between live parts and the shell is more than 10 m Ω.The second relates to dielectric strength: a 1440V test voltage is applied between the live part and the shell without flashover and breakdown. 

Han kun solar roadblock lights, solar power, light control, led to provide the form of light source, reduce the power consumption, also reduce the maintenance cost, is the traffic road and construction road of the choice.