DK Safety Reflective Vest

- Dec 23, 2020-

    Today, new product introduction, safety reflective vest.

    Due to the situation this year, many people may seldom go to public fitness places for exercise and exercise, and most will choose to go out alone or with a few companions.According to the observation, a lot of people will go out in the evening to exercise, there are a lot of risk factors at night, coupled with the small number of people accompanying, further increase the risk factor.


    So we are introducing a safety reflective vest suitable for outdoor sports. Most of us have probably only seen reflective safety clothing and vests on road cops and cyclists, with a lot of reflective material, dull in style and obvious in color.

    But our reflective vests are different. Our reflective vests are smaller and lighter and can be used by most people. Its reflective material is very concentrated, the design is very popular, also accord with contemporary aesthetic. Let me tell you more about the safety reflrctive vest.


    The length of this reflective vest is 44cm, the switch is at the waist position, the waist circumference can be adjusted, 70-105cm, the size of tolerance is very high, no matter the wearer is strong or slim can be easily put on. The front is patterned and the back is equipped with 6 LED lights, which is convenient for running and easy for cars and pedestrians to notice you, thus protecting the safety of the wearer.


    The reflective vest is made of breathable polyester fabric, which can be worn in hot weather without any discomfort. It can resist the cold in cold weather without obstructing hand movement. The auxiliary material is European standard reflective material, the reflective distance can reach 200 meters, when used with LED lights.

    The front of the reflective vest can also hold the pocket of the mobile phone or other items, to better help the wearer to run, very convenient pocket design.The reflective vest comes with a battery that powers the LED lights.There are two colors, orange and green, both colors are easy to see.


    The new year is around the corner, hope everyone can protect themselves, stay away from the accidents. Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time.