Double Side Flashing Police Shoulder Light

- Nov 28, 2020-

Today's product, Double Side Flashing Police Shoulder Light.

First of all, its size is 80*33*36mm, weight includes 105g of packaging box, rated voltage is 4V+, maximum pulse current is 80mA, battery capacity is 450 mA, it can be charged, we are equipped with the original charger, USB interface, greatly facilitate the use of users.

Secondly, in terms of the way it works, it can provide two sides to work together at the same time, there are four working modes, front flash, back flash, front and back flash at the same time, and finally the function of lighting.It can work continuously for more than 18 hours in the case of single side operation and more than 9 hours in the case of simultaneous operation.

The flash frequency during operation is 6HZ, and the visible distance is more than 500 meters. Its brightness is high, which can ensure the safety and warning function in night operation.

Thirdly,the falashing lighting are red and blue light,they are also worn in the same way as clips, which are made of iron, hard and durable, and last longer.The font above the shoulder light can be customized according to customer requirements.

Finally,wear on the traffic police shoulder shoulder lamp, also suitable for highways, the courts, chengguan, high-speed duty personnel, sanitation, security, outdoor activities, such as personnel's shoulders, wearing a way can be worn transverse and vertical wear, shoulder clip-on flash, let walking around the vehicle and can see the red and blue flashing lights, protect personnel on duty of security of person.

Listen to Mia explain the products,see you next time.