Explanation Of Helmet Wearing

- Jan 05, 2021-

    Good day, everyone! The safety helmets produced by our company have always been at a high level in terms of sales, not only because of the excellent material, but also because the safety helmets are designed with the comfort of workers in mind. The interior is made of nylon rope, which has a long service life and is very strong.

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    The inner top of the helmet is not completely in line with the top of the helmet, and some space is reserved. This space can not only relax the workers' head, but also play a role in the mutual flow of internal and external air. It can also prevent the huge impact caused by rocks hitting the helmet, causing unsafe conditions for the wearer. Our focus today is to teach you how to properly adjust the size of the helmet and wear the helmet properly.


    First, when you get a helmet, the front part is the visor and brim, and the back part is the switch to adjust the size of the helmet. It's a screw-on, round, raised, little pie shaped switch connected to two plastic pieces that can be expanded and retractable at the back. This is the basic composition of the regulating switch.

    Second, you need to unplug this circular switch. When you unplug it, you will hear the sound. When you hear the sound, you will stop unplugging. At this point, you can turn the switch left or right, so you can adjust the size, find the size of their own head to stop rotating. The size of our adjustment is 52-67.5cm, so it can meet the head circumference of many people.

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    Three, after adjusting to the appropriate head size, you can press the switch down until you hear a sound, this means that the size is fixed, if you need to adjust, follow this procedure. Once fixed, the switch won't come loose, even if you pull it with your hands, so you don't have to worry about your hat dropping off at work. But in order to complete the product and use, try not to excessive to pull, so as not to damage the parts.

    Four, after adjusting the size of the back of the head, you can tie the rope below the upper and lower bar, as long as the mouth is inserted into the finished, of course, also need to adjust. This will prevent the helmet from falling off.

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    As for the material and other features of the helmet, I have explained them before. If you do not understand them, you can go to the previous article, or you can ask me at any time. Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time!