Four Different Style Shoulder Light

- Jan 13, 2021-

    Good day, everyone, this is Mia! Today, I will explain to you four different shoulder lamps, there are Single Side Flashing Shoulder Llight, Double Side Flashing Shoulder Light, Waterproof Shoulder Light and Gravity Sensor Shoulder Light.

    Single row of flashing shoulder lights, only the front row of light beads flashing. It has four modes, flicker and light, but flicker has three different speeds, from slow to fast flicker mode, and finally to light mode. You can adjust it according to your own use needs. When working on one side, the maximum working time can be up to 11 hours, and the requirement of night patrol can be met.

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    Double-row shoulder lamps are brighter than single-row shoulder lamps, and the front and back two rows of beads flash at the same time when working. This shoulder lamp has four modes, front flashing, back flashing, front and back flashing simultaneously, lighting. It can work continuously for 18 hours in the case of single side and 9 hours in the case of double side.


    Gravity sensor shoulder lamp, according to the use of the state is different, to change the light bead flashing position, if it is a horizontal state, the following light bead flashing, if it is a vertical state, the above light bead flashing, full consideration of the user in the use of the state. Two modes, blinking and lighting, work on both sides for up to 10 hours.

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    Hand pat shoulder lamp, two operating modes, flicker and illumination. Easy to use, waterproof design, gloves can still operate the shoulder light, control flashing and stop. Fall resistant design, from the height of two meters can still work. When flickering, the working hours are 15 hours.


    The working mode, working time and working principle of the four shoulder lamps are finished. Next time, we will talk about their other differences. Thanks for listening to Mia explain the products, see you next time!