The Role Of The Shoulder Lamp

- Jan 14, 2021-

    Good day, everyone, this is Mia. Today continue to explain to you about the knowledge of the shoulder lamp, may be a lot of people for the shoulder lamp consciousness is fuzzy, but you are not difficult to find this item in the dance personnel.


    Police shoulder light has been applied to the road administration, court, urban management, high-speed duty personnel, sanitation, security, outdoor activities and other personnel on the shoulder, so that people walking before and after and vehicles can see the red and blue flash light, to protect the personal safety of duty personnel.

    For example, in the police industry, the police shoulder light is like a miniature version of the police light, with obvious warning effect. The police auxiliary police wear it during the night patrol, which can enhance the identification of patrol orientation and facilitate the public to see the police.


    Through the perfect coordination of the dynamic 24-hour mobile patrol car and the mobile police shoulder light, the criminals are effectively deterred and the pressure drops, which further improves the quality and effect of the patrol prevention and the mobile connection and alarm work, and ensures the security and satisfaction of the masses to be further effectively enhanced.

    Police shoulder lamp features: small volume, light weight, Easy to carry. It is because of these advantages, the utilization rate that lets shoulder lamp rises greatly, begin to appear frequently in the visual field of the public. At the same time, the personal safety of security personnel can be further guaranteed.


    When choosing the shoulder lights for police, it is necessary to choose the shoulder lights with low power consumption and high power. Otherwise, frequent charging and discharging will require police officers to spend a lot of energy on charging, which will reduce work efficiency. Moreover, it is likely that the critical schedule will not be used, which will seriously affect the normal work of police officers.

    After years of experience, our company has developed the shoulder lamp products with humanized design, fully considering the factors of long wearing time for police shoulder lamp, product design is small in size, light in weight, strong and durable, light in back clamp and so on.


    Thanks for listening to Mia explain the products, see you next time!