Full Color LED Display Popular Reason

- Jul 10, 2017-

1. The display effect is even, clear, shocking: Led Full-color is through the single piece of display panel assembled, splicing a large area of the display body, in the process of splicing, relying on technical support, can be seamless splicing, with an area of ductility, compared with LCD, Full-color LED display whole screen body is full of many, the screen without horizontal bar, show the effect even, with a strong shock force.

2. Long running time: Led Full-color display of the manufacturing process has tended to mature, in the selection of parts, but also excellence, many Full-color LED display in the face of outdoor environment, manufacturing process using a IP67 protection level, so that the display is not afraid of any wind and rain weather.

3. Screen content replacement simple: Led Full-color a complete set of operating system, in the screen play, the use of computers, you can change the display screen anytime and anywhere, simple and fast.

4. Wide range of applications: because of its outstanding results, mature manufacturing process, good publicity effect and other factors, Full-color LED display in various fields and locations can be perfect application, exhibitions, airports, stations, large stadiums, intelligent transportation, highways, banks, advertising, electricity, shopping malls, hospitals, trading markets and other nearly all related systems and industries can see Full-color LED display.