Horseshoe Shaped Solar Road Stud

- Dec 09, 2020-

    Today's product, Horseshoe Shaped Solar Road Stud. The six basic components consist of solar panels, batteries, LED beads, die-cast aluminum housing, imported PC material skylights, and lampshades.

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    Solar panel 2V/100MA, mono-crystalline silicon material, battery 1.2V/600MAH, is a high-temperature resistant nickel metal hydride battery, long working hours, under the standard light intensity, charging a day can work for 72 hours, and after the battery is fully charged, can continue to work for more than 100 hours.

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    Light display color are white, yellow, red, green, blue, five colors are optional, 6 pieces 5MM ultra-bright LED light, single side or double side flashing work option, visual distance is greater than 1000 meters.

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    There are two modes of operation, flashing and steady bright, and the starting and controlling light intensity is 80-90lux. The service life of the product is 3-5 years, and the working environment can be between -20℃ and +80℃. When choosing working mode, it is recommended to choose flashing mode, which can save power and provide security. If you need a permanent mode, it is also supported, depending on the usage requirements.

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    Solar road‘s material for die-cast aluminum shell, imported PC material skylight and lampshade, UV, anti - yellows,and the surface of the lacquer that bake. The overall dimensions of the product are 110*97*24MM, with a net weight of 300g and IP67 class waterproof and static compression resistance.

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    Solar road studs can be installed on roads, neighborhoods, sidewalks, parks, gardens and backyards, or anywhere else,further improve the work of safety protection.

    Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time!