How To Deal With The Customer's Bargaining

- Mar 30, 2021-

    Have a good day, this is DEKE and welcome back to my channel. At the end of March, are you busy? For Alibaba March is a great time to attractive clients place a large order, hope you also too. Today, i would like to talk about how to deal with the customer's bargaining, for the fresh intern, it is diffcult to deal with well with customer's requiremnts, so today we are going to duicuss this questions and self-learn.

    Must be clam down. Encounter customer bargaining, you do not talk hard with the customer attitude, do not be angry with the customer, even if you feel very uncomfortable, but also want to think of the initiative in your hands, rather than in the hands of the customer, and then from beginning to end to keep calm smile, reasonable response to the customer's bargaining.


    Be awar of your lowest price. You must be clear about and keep the bottom price of your goods. No matter how hard the customers are, they can't lose the bottom price. Most customers are at a loss about the price of the goods. But if you find the customer really want to place an order and buy the products, you can decline the price to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome, but you need to know your price floor.

    Need to compare with your peer. Do business should not be deaf to the window, you usually need to observe and remember the price of the surrounding competitors, so that when facing customers bargaining, you can use a better reference standard to deal with customers, to avoid unnecessary losses.


    Explore your strength and advantage. Customers always like to point out the deficiencies and defects of the goods as bargaining chips. At this time, you can also highlight the advantages of the goods, or compare with other products of the same kind, so that customers know that the goods of the whole industry are like this, and they will not be able to deliberately find out the deficiencies of the goods.

    Those knowladge are not useful, unless you can use them to achieve your goals and plans, hope we can become stronger. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact with us, see you next time!