How To Use Solar Strobe Light

- Mar 25, 2021-

    Have a nice day, this is DEKE and welcome back to my channel, We have leared about different type solar strobe light and about its specifications, basic parts, functions, material. Today, let's talk about how to use solar strobe light in the open air and higway, apparently to introduce if you use solar strobe light,there are several ways we can use this product.

    Now, there are two ways to use solar strobe light and can according to diiferent situations use solar strobe light, they can be used higway, intersection, school intersections, construction sites and night road safety guidance, because solar strobe light install different place and situaions, according to different requirements to choose different install methods.


    First one, if it need to install highway and traffic intersection, It can not occupy a large area, but also to meet a certain height requirements, plus the weight of solar strobe light itself, the product is installed on the top to ensure that it will not cause safety threats to pedestrians and vehicles due to some external factors, the support for carrying the product must be strong, the solar strobe light can be installed on the top, also can get more energy and sunlight.

    Secondly, the another install method is triangle bracket, it can be put on the road side and place not many vehicle to play a warning role, but the safety of triangle iron bracket is also required, the road side will pass many pedestrains and non-motor vehicle, there will be a lot of uncertainty on the side of the road, so pay more attention to safety,. Of course, the triangle bracket can put highway and traffic intersection, when the product is fixed, it can work normally outdoors.


    Solar storbe light have a lot of lamp beads, high brightness, when placed high up, the light will travel further,its aluminum shell can work in the open air long time and can avoid many damage from weather and other, in the open air can get more sunlight and work better at night.

    If you have any questions, please leave message and don't hesitate contact with us, see you next time!