Industry Trend Product Presentation

- Dec 24, 2020-

    Today, let me tell you some different information about safety warning products and industry trend products. Since,we have published a series of our company 's safety warning products, but i even didn't pubulish some articles about the industry trend information. In order to balance the types of articles, I will explain some industry-related knowledge to everyone.

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    Most merchants run their own businesses on Alibaba's international site, my explanation is also based on the safety traffic warning products industry situation of Alibaba International site. According to the popular products of the Alibaba, at the beginning of september, this product of road warning light started to become a hot product, until now it has been very popular.

    This selling point has led many businesses, including our company, to start producing this kind of product. Many people may not understand why this is such a popular product, but I've summarized the selling points of the following products.

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    Portable. The weight of the safety traffic road warning light is about 120g, it can be carried wherever it is needed, even carrying dozens of such products would not be very heavy. If the product is bulky, it will be very inconvenient to carry at first, not to mention very tired when carrying a heavy and big thing, you don't like it at all.

    Small in size. The size of this product produced by our company is 10*10* 3.5cm, which is similar to most similar products in the market. Therefore, its floor area and space area are very small. You can put it in backpacks, pockets and packaging bags.

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    Durable. The material of the product is PC shell, TPR elastic plastic, ABS hook, generally high fall will not damage the product, has a certain degree of anti-rolling ability, and long service life.The waterproof coefficient of IP65, working in rainy days is no problem, suitable for use in any weather.

    High brightness. The product has 12 red light sources and 3 white light patches, of course, the color of the light source can be customized according to the requirements of customers.Visual distance is also very far, can reach a good warning role.


    Multiple working modes. Normally, road warning lights may only have two modes, but this product has nine optional modes: quick flash, slow flash, single flash, rotating flash, alternating flash, SOS, red light on, red light on, three LED white lights on the top, and finally off, and the product is magnetic.


    Widely used. It can be used on emergency roads as a reminder, the location of the accident, drawing attention to, use it as a safety precaution when camping, mountaineering and skiing. It has a long time to use, there are two types of battery and charging to choose from, very convenient.

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    If you are a buyer, in the face of such a good product you can not move? This is my personal summary of the advantages, do you think it has any other advantages? You can send me a message, thanks!

    This is Mia, explain the products, see you next time. Wish you Merry Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas.