Internet + Transportation Under The Sharing Economy Model

- Jan 07, 2019-

Deke: recently, an international seminar on "Internet + transportation" was held in Beijing, with the theme of "sharing new supply through interconnection". Under China's sharing economy model, how will the traditional transportation model be innovated?

The participants of the meeting have more than 100 representatives from local transportation authorities, domestic and foreign research institutions and industrial enterprises. The author believes that the convening of the meeting means the formal arrival of intelligent transportation!This is a great opportunity and challenge for related industries.To auto reply, if the enterprise to develop a smart car, drive into the Shared mode, collection of all the virtues such as green environmental protection, low prices, high quality, intelligent traffic location, no one to write drive, etc., this smart car, walking on the road, the optimal traffic intelligent choice, no congestion, reach their destination quickly, so the traditional car will be no place.Even more than that, the relevant laws and regulations are improved, the car can drive in the air.