Iron Clamped Solar Barricade Light

- Dec 11, 2020-

    Today's product, Iron clamped solar barricade light. There are seven basic parts, solar panel、hanger、lampshade、PP plastic base、2 LED lights、lithium battery、iron clamp.

    Basic power parameters, solar panel power 0.5W, the battery is 3.7V /1200mah, a full charge needs 8 hours, flicker mode can continuously discharge for 12 days, the battery life of more than 2 years, solar panel in more than 3 years.

    Face masks are available in red, yellow and amber. Meanwhile, the material of face masks is also different, PC and PS. PC material is harder and more durable than PS material.The diameter of the mask is 19CM, and the overall size is 18*9* 31.5cm.

    The mask contains two high-brightness LED lamp beads. The luminous color of the lamp beads is yellow, which can be more visible in the dark night, with a visible distance up to 500m.

    The base is PP plastic, strong and durable, the clip is made of metal, which can be easily clamped to the guardrail, or used where necessary, very firm fixed way, will not fall off easily, better work on the road.

    Two working modes are available, flicker and constant light. The product adopts light control, charging during the day and working at night. Light control is more convenient to use and control.The flashing frequency of the flashing mode is 90 times per minute, the working temperature can be between -20~60 degrees, to meet the needs of more areas.

    This product has a wide range of use, it can be arbitrarily installed on the road guardrail, construction area, construction site, danger warning area can be very convenient to use.Different needs have different products, the important thing is that the products can meet their own procurement needs.

    Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time!