New Discovery! LED Embedded Bandage Can Cure Chronic Wounds By Blue Light

- Aug 08, 2019-


According to reports, scientists have demonstrated the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of blue light and embed blue light into elastic bandages to heal wounds.
MEDILIGHT is a European research project that develops smart and wearable medical devices and has demonstrated prototypes of LED embedded lighting solutions for the treatment of chronic wounds.
The research team believes that the prototype of this LED-based smart wearable system will further pave the way for the commercialization of potential future phototherapy-based wound healing devices.
Marile Bouschbacher, project leader at URGO Labs, said that the MEDILIGHT project has discovered and demonstrated the efficacy of blue light in antibacterial function and activation of key skin cells, whereby URGO Laboratories can apply for two basic patents. At the same time, the MEDILIGHT project has also opened the way for other important applications that address unmet needs, such as sterilization of medical equipment and operating environments.