LED Dispaly-Three

- Mar 17, 2021-

    Have a good day, this is DEKE, welcome back to my channel. We have taiked the knowledge of LED display and our produce LED display's function, character, lamp bead and constitute, and also depending on where the screens are used and their functions vary.

    Because our LED display is uesd mainly outdoor, there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to when you use it outdoors, in order to avoid rain damage theLED display, it is important to have a waterproof iron case for the LED display. Because of long-term use in the outdoors, both in terms of waterproof and anti-aging should have good performance, so as to ensure that the product is used outdoors for a longer time. The quality of our LED display products is very good, there is a certain period of shelf life, do not worry about the product after-sales problems.

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    I guess that this problem you must care very much, how to control the LED display? There are two methods to control the LED display, wire control and wireless control. According to your purchase requirements to choose the different control method. If the use distance is not far and you want more quickly to control the LED display.The wireless control is adopted 4G connect, even through the distance is far, but you just use the computer to control the LED display, it is more convenient and comfortable.

    The LED display need to be hemmed. As normal, we see the LED display outdoor, you will find the LED display's edge have other material, such as stainless steel, this ring of edge material can make the display screen look more beautiful and also strengthen the protection of the display screen, the thickness of the wrapping also needs to be determined according to the display screen, so as to make the quality of the display screen better.

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    That's all information about the LED display, if you have any questions about LED display, you can leave message for us. See you next time!