LED Display-Two

- Mar 16, 2021-

    Have a good day, this is DEKE, welcome back to my channel. Today we focus on outdoor traffic screens and its character, function, constitute.

    As normal, the most used outdoor traffic display is the road speed limit indication, the size of the outdoor traffic screen is also a factor to be considered. What size of screen should be used in the scene you need, and what text should be written on it, this will tell you whether you want two or one colors. The use of two-color and monochrome according to the text content you need to determine, such as outdoor traffic speed limit display frequency is two-color.


    The lamp bead used in the display screen is F5, which also belongs to the direct lamp bead. The light source of the direct lamp bead is more concentrated and the brightness is greater. At the same time, the screen inside the lamp beads also have spacing Settings, spacing different brightness is different, the smaller the spacing, the greater the brightness, such a screen contains more lamp beads, brightness will also be improved a lot. We usually use P10 to install the LED diaplay.

    Parts of LED display. There is four parts, module, power supply, control card and waterproof iron box, each display has a corresponding number of modules in it, and a reasonable number of modules can be placed according to the size of the display. In terms of power supply, one power supply can supply 8 monochrome modules and 6 to 8 dual-color modules, but it depends on the size of the LED display.

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    Screen can do now can be seen in many places, such as airport, subway, station, wharf, square, commercial center, supermarket, chain stores, restaurants, restaurants, Banks, studios, exhibition, large sports venues, train station, TV live, exhibition venues, performing arts center, entertainment venues, large literary evening concert scene, and so on various occasions, traffic above the display is very widely used.

    If you want to learn more about LED display, please continue follow our product's news. See you next time!