LED Display Using Notes (二)

- Oct 18, 2017-

1、The right switch:First open the control computer to normal operation and then open the LED display large screen; first turn off the LED display, and then turn off the computer.

2、 Wipe correctly:LED display alcohol can be used to wipe the surface, or using a brush, vacuum cleaner dust, not directly with a damp cloth.

3、Regular cleaning and maintenance:The LED display used a long time, the screen is certainly a lot of dust,Must be regularly and promptly cleaned to prevent dust from accumulating on the surface for a long time, affecting the viewing effect. On the other hand it can be prevented from acidic substances in the air or other chemical factors corrosion under humid conditions of the display surface, to improve the life of the display.

4、Periodic inspection:LED display to be regularly check whether the normal work, the line with or without damage?If there is a problem to be replaced in time, or the line is damaged and timely repair and change.LED display internal lines, non-professionals to prohibit touch, so as not to electric shock, if the line is damaged, please professional maintenance.

5、Regular use:LED large screen display recommended rest time is more than two hours a day, at least more than once in the rainy season, large screen LED screen for a week.