LED Display Using Notes(四)

- Oct 25, 2017-

Control changes,the change notice

1.Computer, the power line zero, fire control cannot be reversed, should be strictly in accordance with the plug.If peripheral, after you connect, you should test case is charged.

2.When you move the computer and other control equipment, power before first checking, control board there is no loosening of the join line.

3.Not at liberty to change length of communication lines, flat position of the join line.

4.If found after moving short circuit, tripping, burning line, smoke and other anomalies appear, should not repeat test should find the problem in a timely manner.

Software Notice

1.Software backup: WIN2003, WINXP Setup, applications, software, databases, and so on.Recommend the use of "one-button restore" software, easy to operate.

2.Original master installation method, data recovery, backup.

3.Control parameter settings, the underlying data preset changes.

4.Familiar with procedures, operation and editing.

5.Regularly check for viruses, removes extraneous data.