LED Traffic Light

- Jan 09, 2021-

    Good day, everyone,this is Mia. Today, I will explain a new product, LED traffic light. It happens that this product is also in the recent hot industry trend, so I will try my best to explain it to you in detail.

    The main body is a black PC material. PC is a very durable material, can be used outdoors for a long time, and will not be affected by the temperature and weather, the utilization rate is very high. We also take full account of the use of the product environment in the production of the most suitable material.

    The material of the main body is also UV resistant, at the time of installation, each part connection is very flexible, do not need to use tools, the butterfly interface is very convenient. At the same time can also be very convenient to replace the parts of each part, for the follow-up long-term use to provide more options.


    Each part of the main body is fixed by clamping lock. For example, the traffic light produced by us has three colors. The lights of each color are an individual, and they need to be connected and fixed together by clamping lock to make them strong enough to be used outdoors. We will pay great attention to the part of the connection in the production, do every step is very rigorous, to ensure the use of the product in the outdoor, more safe and secure.

    A sun visor is placed above each lamp to prevent rain from falling on the lampshade during rainy days, dimming the light. Sunny, block the sun shine above the lampshade, block the driver's vision, ensure the safety of driving. At the same time, also can block a part of the road above the dust falls on the lampshade above, maintain the maximum brightness of the lampshade and light.

    Transportation, as a necessary infrastructure, is particularly important now. With the rapid construction of highways, the importance of traffic signs in the city has become prominent. Excellent traffic facilities can reduce the safety of the city traffic hazards, promote the good development of the city.

    Today we talked about the main body, the connection method and the sun visor, and then we'll talk about the next part next time. If there are any product questions you can leave me a message, I will try to answer.

    Thanks for listening to Mia explain the products, see you next time!