LED Traffic Light-Two

- Jan 11, 2021-

    Good day, everyone, This is Mia! The new week begins again. As usual, we will continue to explain our products. Last time, we explained the PC housing, Visor and Butterfly clip latch.

    The three different color traffic indicator lights have a diameter of 200mm, and the built-in bright light beads can have a stronger light source, so that drivers on the highway can easily notice the traffic indicator lights, and make a reaction, to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents. Even in rainy and foggy weather, the lights can ensure the normal operation of traffic.


    The lens is also made of a hard PC material, which better protects the inner light beads and ensures that it can be used on outdoor roads for longer, extending its life and service time. At the same time, the lens mirror surface design is very clever, water will not hang on the surface of the mirror, resulting in light intensity reduction, or distance inconspicuous and other problems.

    The overall design is very reasonable, whether from the material, or in the connection of each part, are the use of the best quality materials, the most solid connection way.This product is very suitable for outdoor work, not affected by outdoor temperature changes, good performance, long life, warranty period of 5 years. Constantly optimize and upgrade the generation, so that its low power consumption, energy saving more than 50% than the old system, and the production of products in line with the relevant international traffic standards, the use of more assured.


    With the rapid development and extension of expressways, traffic instructions have become an indispensable part. Good and excellent urban traffic needs to be maintained by using traffic instructions, so as to better promote the development of the city and protect people's life and travel safety.

    Thanks for listening to Mia explain the products, see you next time!