Maintenance Of LED Display Control Computer(三)

- Oct 23, 2017-

The computer is usually placed in the control room,in order to ensure the stability of the display program and good display effect, we should often master the following maintenance of the computer:

    1、Keep the room clean, and regularly dust on the computer and peripheral equipment, because of dust will be an important part of the computer keyboard, pollution disk, the display and the host circuit board, may cause a major fault.

2、Pay attention to the ventilation in the room:Because computers emit a lot of heat when they are working. If the cooling is not good, the indoor temperature is too high, easily lead to computer crashes and other failures, long-term use will reduce the life of the main control computer.

3、If the ambient temperature is high (such as hot summer), the control room should be equipped with fan or air conditioner,the temperature should be keep at 10℃~35℃°, relative humidity in 30% - 80%, as far as possible to avoid the computer in high temperature, high humidity environment work.

4、Regular computer hardware and peripheral accessories testing, such as graphics card, send card is loose, DVI line, RS232 serial line is loose or damaged, etc., found that the problem should be promptly removed.

5、Regular anti-virus treatment of the computer, especially in the Internet, should be installed anti-virus software, the software should be updated regularly, to ensure that the version of the playback software is the latest.

6、The operator is skilled in the use of procedures, operations and editing.

7、Check the virus regularly and delete irrelevant data.