Multi-function Police Baton

- Dec 05, 2020-

    Today's product, Multi-function Police Baton.

    The total length of the product is 515mm, in which the length of the tube diameter is 40mm, the material of the tube is PC, PC spray paint is done on the handle.The whole product is just the right length, suitable for guards and other people who need to use, very convenient, the weight design is also very good, considering the user's idea in all aspects.

    LEDs have two colors, red and blue, red and white, and the number of leds varies according to the color. Red and blue baton has 20 red lights, 22 blue lights, and 1 white light. Red and white baton has 20 red lights, 22 white lights, and 1 white light. Therefore, the brightness of the light is very large, and it is very conspicuous in the dark, which can play a better role of warning.

    The battery is 3.7V2000mA lithium battery. The product has charging Settings and USB interface, which are compatible with more charging methods to meet the demand of use at any time. USB charging port with dustproof cover, extend the service time of charging port. Besides, the battery configuration is sufficient to meet the requirements of long working hours.

    This baton has a magnet at the bottom, which provides double layer of protection when placed, making it difficult to drop the product. It has detachable plastic clips, whistles, and a sling at the handle to assist the user to get the product. The sling is made of strong material.

    According to the order of the working mode, the red-blue strong light grows bright, the red-blue weak light grows bright, the red-blue flash alternately, and the waist white light illuminates.Users can adjust the working mode according to their needs.

    The quality of the product is excellent, the working hours and service life are much better than the basic baton, making the product safer to use outdoors and at night, meeting the needs of all aspects of security personnel and patrol personnel.

    Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time!