New Arrival-Portable Reflective Vest

- Dec 25, 2020-

    Today, introduce our store's new product, reflective vest. Last time, i had introduced one reflective vest, both can be protective, but customers may choose different products. Now, join me to learn about the product.


    A lot of people probably don't like reflective vests because they're so ugly. Let a person feel a bit exaggerated, and the color scheme is also extremely incredible. So many people are averse to reflective clothing. We have also considered and noticed this problem in the design process of the product, so we try to avoid using a large number of overly complex colors and materials, but at the same time do not lack the safety warning function.

    Portable. It is the most biggest advantage to the reflective vest being choose. When it's worn, it weighs almost nothing, because it's so light, it's probably lighter than your phone. Most of its materials are plastic and elastic and can easily be folded up and placed in a small bag, which you can put in your bag or pocket whenever you feel convenient. So you can imagine how easy it would be to carry and place such a safe protective vest.


    Strong warning effect. This reflective vest has four LED lights, with a visual range of up to 200 meters. The lights are placed in the plastic material inside the reflective vest, which is not easy to get wet by rain or stains, and can extend its service life. The main luminescent material is reflective lattice, which has good reflection effect.

    Wide range of application. The length for reflective vests is 30-43cm and the waist is 70-100cm, both of which can be adjusted for most people's body shape and height. So that more people can enjoy their life and embrace freedom in a protected environment and not be confined in a small space.


    High practicability. The product can be used year-round and, to a certain extent, is waterproof. If you encounter rain when you go out, as long as the rain does not enter the battery and lamp bead inside. After returning home to dry with a dry towel, air in a ventilated environment, but also can be used, to avoid the product and water contact.

    Various color. Pink, Green, Organe, Blue, four colors are available. You can choose the colors according to your preferences. These colors are popular and more acceptable to people. Although there is a difference in color, there is no difference in the function of safety protection.


    If you look carefully at our brochure, you'll find our products both practical and beautiful. You can wear it outdoors to run, bike, or camp out with friends as a reminder to other people and vehicles.

    Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time. Merry Christmas!