New Arrival Shoulder Light

- Apr 03, 2021-

    Have a good day, this is DEKE and welcome to my channel. Recently, our two product of shoulder light are new arrival , their lights is different as previous and can meet wider person to use police shoulder light and can give out different lights. Let us talk about this new police shoulder light.

    Before we have a gravity senor police shoulder light to give out red and blue lights, now this police shoulder light can give out yellow and blue lights, two styles lights can meet wider clients purchase requirements, and its flashing frequently can make pedestrains and dirver to pay attention to wokers and it is very portable the size of packing box is 78*36*26mm and its weight is 105g, even though you wear it all days, it can not give you any uncomfortable feeling.

photobank (1)

    At the same time, when it charge full of power, can be used up to 10 hours and more, Its long working hours allow it to meet the needs of different working groups, for instance, police and guard, they will work at night and need some security warning equipments to protect them and to caution other pedestrains and drivers, the yellow and blue police shoulder light has high brightness lights and can more bright at night. Under the long distance, such as 500 meters, you can also notice that.

    Next police shoulder light is hand clap police shoulder light, we also change its lights, before it is red and blue lights, now it is yellow lights all, it is more convenient to use just need to clap by your hands, in the winter if you put the gloves and can not to open the police shoulder light's switch, you can buy this hand clap police shoulder light and you want to quickly change the working modes, it is suitable for you.

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    The police shoulder light are both waterproof that our new arrival products, in the open air and rainy day, it can proper functioning, and the rain can not damage the products, i guess the waterproof function is a key for police shoulder light to work in the open air,and no matter where you want to work, it can meet your requirements.

    If you have any questions about the products, you can leave a message and consult with us, see you next time! Have a nice holiday!