New Product - Helmet For Safety

- Dec 30, 2019-

DK Construction Site Safety Helmet

Safety helmet is made up of three parts: cap shell, cap lining and chin strap.

(1) Cap shell: this is the main part of the helmet, generally using an oval or hemispherical shell structure.This kind of structure, under the impact pressure will produce certain pressure deformation, due to the rigid properties of the material absorption and dispersion force, coupled with smooth surface and circular curve easy to make the impact material sliding, and reduce the impact time.According to the needs and strengthen the strength of the helmet shell, the shell can be made into light top, top reinforcement, edge and no edge and other types.

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(2) Cap lining: the cap lining is the general term for the parts in the cap shell that directly contact the top of the wearer's head. It is composed of the cap band, the top band, the protective band, the supporting band, the sweat-absorbing band and the lining technical tether.The material of cap lining can be made of cotton woven belt, synthetic fiber belt and plastic lining belt. The cap hoop is a ring belt, which tightly surrounds the head of the person when wearing.The cap band can be divided into two types: fixed band and adjustable band, and the cap band has two types: neck band and irreducional band.The top belt is the liner that contacts with the top of the head. The top belt and the cap shell can be connected with rivets, or with the socket of the belt and the socket of the cap shell.Set 4 ~ 6 jacks accordingly.

(3) Lower mental strap: the strap on which the foot is attached to the lower mental to secure the helmet. The lower mental strap consists of a strap and a locking card.Cap liner without neck band, with "y" chin strap.

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