New Solar Handle Barricade Lamp

- Dec 19, 2020-

    Today's product, new solar handle barricade lamp, there are six basic, solar panel, LED lights, lampshade, battery, PP base.

    Solar panel is 0.4W, and the Nimh battery is 1.2V/600MAH. It takes 8 hours to bacome full charge, and can continuous work at least 10 days, on the flashing mode. The service life of the solar panel is more than 3 years, and the battery is more than 2 years. Don't worry about its quality, the product has a one year warranty to pretect the clients' benefit.

    Material of the lampshell are PC or PS, we recommend the foreign client choose the PC material, on account of the use area is more wide of the PC material, and it is more strong than PS. But you can choose the lampshade material, according to your requirments.

    Color of the lampshade are red, yellow and amber, the lamp panel is 18cm in diameter, 2 high brightness LED lights, double side can bright, it can be saw in the front and back the light. The source light is yellow color, the visible distance is greater than 500 meters.

    The product with light control, doesn't work in the daytime, start light at night. Two working mode, flashing and steady bright, the flashing frequency is 50~60 times per minute.It can work on the enviroment temperature -20~+60 degree.

    Product size is 19*6.5*29.5cm and the net weight is 420g. The hanger can customized to meet the client needs, in order to hang it where you need it. Even if there is no hook, it can also be placed on the road cone for work, very easy to pick up and use.Place of use is not restricted, basically be to choose commodity according to oneself need.

    Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time!