Outdoor LED Display Media Introduction

- Jul 10, 2017-

Outdoor Full-color LED display is the trend of the development of advertising industry in the 221 century, is a voice and video function of indoor and outdoor advertising display equipment, is a leading international high-tech production, the equipment appearance of novel and unique, its area can be adjusted at will, not only can play audio and video advertising programs, but also can be installed on all sides of the fixed light box ads, the government is encouraged to promote the use of outdoor LED display media, the cancellation of canvas advertising, light box

Outdoor Full-color LED display is canvas advertising, light box advertising ideal alternative products. LED Electronic screen media is divided into graphic display media and video display media, are composed of LED matrix blocks, graphics and text display media can be synchronized with the computer display Chinese characters, English text and graphics; Video display media using micro-computer control, graphics and text, image and Mao, in real-time, synchronous, clear information dissemination methods to play a variety of information, but also display two-dimensional, three-dimensional animation, video, television, VCD and live reality.

LED Electronic screen media display screen color bright, three-dimensional strong, static such as oil painting, as a film, it is widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and Telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mines, transportation, education systems, stations, terminals, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, guesthouses, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprises and other public places.