P16 DIP Outdoor Display: The Most Popular Outdoor Advertising Screen Products

- Jan 18, 2018-

In outdoor display area, P16 is the most widely used pitch, because of its well balanced pixel spacing, viewing distance, brightness, cost and other factors, has long been the preferred outdoor advertising screen, although the current outdoor display There is also a tendency to develop high-definition pixels, but the P16 product still has strong vitality.


DEKE Outdoor P16 display using a dedicated module, with the following advantages:

1, lamp beads Taiwan chip chip beads, still have excellent performance under high current.

2, using 16 * 16 big module design, fewer connectors, better consistency, lower failure rate.

3, the accumulation of IC and mingwei power, to ensure that the electrical performance of the product more stable and reliable, while improving the energy conversion rate, energy saving

4, the module uses a wide waterproof aprons design, easy to deal with outdoor products harsh environment.

5, using the plug-in power seat and cable gray horns seat, the product assembly efficiency is high, the signal transmission is stable.