Parking Lot Detector-One

- Jan 06, 2021-

    Good day, eveyone! This is Mia. A few days ago, I received an inquiry from a customer. What I needed was a detection device that could prompt pedestrians and vehicles to exit in the parking lot.

    Before this, because I have done detectors similar to this type for other customers, but another customer needs height limit detection. The two products are roughly the same in principle, but the application scenarios and environments are completely different.Therefore, we sent the height limit test to the customer for reference and told him that the principle was similar, but the product could be customized according to his requirements to fully meet his requirements.


    As for this product, we will divide it into several different parts to explain, so that we can better understand the main principle of the product. It is alright to apply it to all kinds of warning places, but we still need to adjust the product according to different places of use, such as the increase and decrease of components.


    The product is mainly composed of four parts, alarm controller, detector, display screen and warning sound.
The last two can be counted as one part, but for the convenience of explanation and understanding, it is divided into four parts.


    The alarm controller plays a leading and setting role. The detector, display screen and warning sound all need to work according to the Settings of the controller. Especially for the detector, the alarm controller sets the length and frequency of the warning sound after the detector detects the vehicle, as well as the length of time to end the broadcasting of the warning sound after the vehicle leaves. A series of these are set up by an alarm controller to allow the components to work together.


    The alarm controller should be installed indoors to ensure its normal operation and use.The life of the controller is extremely good. As the main part, it is connected with other accessories to work together, so it is an extremely important part when working.

    This product is divided into four small articles to explain, try to make each part simple and easy to understand. Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time!