Parking Lot Detector-Three

- Jan 08, 2021-

    Good day, everyone, this is Mia. In the last two installments, I covered two parts of the parking lot detector, the alarm controller and the detector. These two parts are relatively important parts, including most of the function and working form of this product.

    Today's products are also important in terms of integrated functionality and output, working with alarm controllers and detectors at the same time to make the entire product flow more coordinated and smooth.


    The display screen according to the alarm controller in the control of business card printing Settings, on the screen above the display of customized text. For example, our client asked for the text "Car, Coming." to alert pedestrians who were passing the parking lot exit. The text displayed can be set according to the requirements of the customer, and try to be consistent with the requirements of the customer.

    Display work is also followed the detector to work together, when the infrared sensor to detect a vehicle detector, screen immediately began to work, and display the text above is red, will attract pedestrians and drivers in a short time, to slow down the car in the parking lot exports and pay attention to the inside of the vehicle, in the case of ensure safety leave and after parking.

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     At the same time, we also installed a light that works with the display, emitting a red, regular light, so that you can pay more attention to the parking lot, and the light flashes and goes off for the same time as the display. Working at the same time can achieve better results, further prevention and protection of traffic safety.

    The sound is broadcast from the loudspeaker, and the content of the voice broadcast is the same as that on the display screen. If you need to change the voice and text content, you need to change the control card to complete the change.And the sound of the horn is large enough to remind pedestrians and drivers to pay attention to, even if the pedestrian is looking down to play mobile phones will also notice the existence of the warning sound, and then pay attention to the driving out of the vehicle.

    Today's presentation is about the display screen and warning sound. The overall operation is to form a closed loop chain. When one part is triggered, it will be connected to other parts to work together.

    Thanks for listening to Mia explain the products, see you next time!