Parking Lot Detector-Two

- Jan 07, 2021-

    Good day, everyone, it's a wonderful day!

    Picking up where we left off yesterday, yesterday we talked about the Alarm Controller, which is a very important thing, managing a bunch of things like controls and Settings. But the detector that we're going to talk about today is also very important, so to speak, it's the key trigger.

    Assume that everything is connected and ready for normal use. When the alarm controller has set the response time under various possible circumstances, when a car is ready to leave the parking lot, it slowly drives out to the exit. At this time, the infrared sensing of the detector detects the appearance of the vehicle, and the electronic display and warning sound are triggered, and the working state begins.


    The text on the screen reads "Car, Coming," and the voice alerts pedestrians and vehicles passing through the parking lot that a CAR is about to come out, but pedestrians are more likely to be alerted because they are primarily used to alert pedestrians and are closer to the exit of the parking lot when walking on the inside.

    At the very beginning, our product, the detector, was used at the sidewalk intersection to remind pedestrians to pay attention to the traffic lights and reduce unnecessary losses and traffic accidents caused by bending down to play with mobile phones. Pedestrians stand behind detectors waiting to cross the road at red lights, which alert them with text and voice messages. If someone stays in the middle of the detector, the voice tells the pedestrian it's red and to stand back and wait, Until the pedestrian moves back onto the road behind the detector.

    When the green light is green, there will be a text reminder that pedestrians can cross the road, so that pedestrians can be more assured and safe when crossing the road, and reduce unnecessary injuries. The principle of the two applications is almost the same, but there are differences in accessories based on where they are used.

    At the same time, the detector needs to work with the support of power supply, but charging can be done in two ways. One is charging through solar energy, which is very convenient to charge in a sunny place. Another option is to connect directly to the power supply. Since there are many unexpected things to do with solar charging, it is recommended to plug it directly into the power supply. Of course, when using, it is also possible to choose according to their own needs.

    That's all, thanks for listening to Mia, see you next time!