PC Material Solar Road Stud

- Dec 03, 2020-

Today's product, PC Solar Road Stud.

The solar road stud made of PC material, resistance to UV process. A solar panel on the top. Inside, a battery, can withstand high temperature, then LED lights.

Solar panels 2V/200MA. Battery 1.2V/1200MAH, can withstand high temperature, can work up to 72 hours a day , on a charge under standard strong light. The working hours are very durable, which can meet more customers' requirements for products.

Two working modes, flashing and steady bright. In the flashing working mode, the battery can work continuously for more than 100 hours after full charge, also can work under the environment of -20 degrees to 80 degrees.

LED lights have white, yellow, red, green and blue, five colors, 5MM high-brightness lights, visible distance more than 500 meters.If you need, the color can be customized.

Product size.Diameter 120mm, height 23mm, a net weight of 380 grams. The bottom is waterproof, IP67 waterproof, can work on rainy days, service life of 3-5 years. The bottom of the waterproof process is done very fine, there is no need to worry about the wet or wet place will damage the product.

I recommended to be used in the residential area, beautiful and at the same time can be done safety protection, to provide better protection for users in residential areas. This product doesn't have a strong stress resistance, so it's not good for highways or other places where you might be run over by a large vehicle, but it's good for parks and residential areas where the pressure is lower.

Listen to Mia explain the products,see you next time!