Print The LOGO On The Helmet

- Apr 09, 2021-

    Hello, have a good day, this is DEKE and welcome back to my channel. In April, the construction workers and consctrution site are start working, but the safety helmet plays a important role to protect workers' security and keep safety construction environment, recently we received many message to print the LOGO on the safety helmet, i guess it is a popular trend to print the LOGO, so today i would like to introduce two methods about the LOGO on the helmet.


    First on is print on the helmet. It is a technique to print the LOGO directly on the helmet, but it will cost more and there is a MOQ to print, at least 300 pieces, so if you will place a large order of the safety helmet, i recommend you can take this way. However its advantage is the print LOGO will be saved a long time in the construction site and on the open air. Baceuse the print LOGO and the helmet are integration, you don't worry about the LOGO will disappear.

    But when your puechase quantity more than 300 pieces or more, you can choose the print LOGO method, it will have a reasonable price and you can easily to accept it. Of course if your budget is enough to purchase helmet, choose this way is suitable. And the total price according to your LOGO style, if your LOGO is colorful and diffcult, it will cost more.

    Scendly, it is use a sticker to attach the LOGO to the helmet, the sticker is PVC material and don't be damage easily. Compared with the first method of print, the second way is more convenient and cheaper. Apparently the sticker's price is different according to different LOGO. If you just want to purchase little quantity helmet, this way is more suitable, and considering the basic budget of the purchase, the sticker method is more suitable for most situations.


    And many customers will choose to use stickers to stick the LOGO, in normal circumstances, the life of stickers will not be very short, can achieve the desired effect, this is a excellent method to deal with budget and LOGO, you can according your situation to choose these two kinds of methods.

    If you want to print the LOGO on the helmet, please don't hesitate to contact with us immediately, we will do for you best. See you next time!