Reflective Vest Without LED Lights

- Dec 26, 2020-

    Let me introduce a reflective vest without LED lights. Compared with the products explained in previous installments, this product is a little larger and without LED lights. But it can still serve as a safety warning.


    The whole material of reflective vest is dacron net cloth, breathability is very good, use in summer also won't muggy. The reflective cloth is installed on the outside of the reflective vest where it is easy to see. Because this model has no beads, even if it is stained, it can be washed to remove the stain without worrying about damaging the reflective garment.

    High Visibility: Highlight Reflective Strips. It makes you safe when you cycling, walking and sports outdoor at night. Reflective strips have spread of the waist, chest, shoulders and back. Safety vest provides 360┬░protection while you are working under daylight or low light conditions.


    The reflective garment is equipped with a small pocket for convenience: the front pocket can store small items, such as keys, money, mobile phone, etc. Even when you're out running, it's convenient. You don't have to worry about not having a place to pack.

    Application: Perfect for Construction, Baggage Handling, Security, Traffic Control, Survey, Landscaping, Paving, Railroad, Sanitation, Volunteers, Personal Sports, Pet walking, for Night Running, Jogging, Cycling, Hiking, Walking, Biking, Motorcycle and Dog Walking.


    Adjustable waist circumference, hook and ring closure design for easy adjustment, suitable for most body types, available in two sizes, M: 74-94cm, L: 82-114cm, length adjustment range: M: 47CM, L:50CM. Suitable occasion, suitable for running, cycling, walking and other outdoor sports.

     Listen to Mia exlplain the products, see you next time.