Safety Emergency Warning Light

- Mar 05, 2021-

    Good day,this is DEKE,welcome back to my channel. I found a round road warning light,functions and characters are similar with road warning light product that we already have. Let me to carefully introduce this product,and if you need the product,we can provide it for you.


    Product parameters. The product's material is ABS,appearance of the color is orange,the color is very bright,it has three AAA batteries,can ensure that it can be used to maintain a long time working state, in a short time will not appear power shortage and short use of the problem.


    Two working modes are flashing orange color and steady bright pure white light. As safety beacons for your car, they could provide so much more, as well as flashing beacons and flash S.O.S. and have a good strong light or torch. This emergency flare is shockproof and water-resistant, good for winter or motorway or country roads, ideal for car breaks down or stranded on a dark, as a warning to other motorists. The pure white can be used as light to provide lights and warning signal,when you are outdoor,you can use pure white light to as a tool for lighting. It can meet your requirements to light,can also protect personal security.


    The bottom of the safety emergency road warning light has magnetic,when the product keep a turn off condition,you put it up in a place that contains metal, and the magnetic force will be attached to these objects, and it will automatically start flickering working mode,completely free your hands to manage how the product works without having to flip a switch. It usually was used in cars,window,guard bar and highway,and keep a good working condition.

    Brightness product lights. It has 15 light beads to provide brightness working lights,even through you stay far distance,the drivers and pedestrians also can notice your cars and yourself. The super bright lamp bead not only brings excellent warning effect to the use of the product, but also brings more safety protection to the user of the product. It weighs 160g. It's very light and easy to carry and use,you can put it in trunk and elsewhere.


    What is difference between road warninng light and safety emergency light?Let's discuss them in the next time,see you next time.