Safety Police Baton Light

- Jan 19, 2021-

    Good day, everyone, this is Mia. Do you konw police baton light? What parts do you think a baton should have?  So what's the difference between police batons? Let's get to know the details of our police baton today.

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    We have three kinds of battery-style batons, rechargeable batons and multi-function batons. There are certain differences in functions according to different styles. Battery-style baton can only be used with batteries, and the device can work with 2 No.1 batteries. There are 6 lamp beads inside the baton. At night, the brightness can completely guarantee the safety and warning function of patrol.

    The biggest difference between charging baton and battery baton is the way of power supply. There is a USB charger for charging. You can use the charger to charge, which is very convenient and does not need to replace the battery. The number of built-in light beads is also six, the brightness is also very high, night patrol is very convenient, there are hanging rope and waist buckle, easy to carry.

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    Compared with the battery model and the charging model, the baton of the multi-function model has better quality, quantity of light beads and working mode. It also has an automatic whistle. The color is divided into red and blue and red and white. When patrolling at night, it can not only be prompted by the light source, but also by pressing the mask, which is convenient.

    Multi-function baton is also use the USB charging, battery storage capacity is strong, don't have to worry about using a question of time, normal night patrol requirement can be satisfied, when using the experience of feeling also is very good, light and comfortable baton at work will not cause any burden, when not in use can be hung on the waist position, easy to carry.


    No matter what kind of baton it is, it is used to protect the public and security personnel, to serve as a warning. Although there are some differences in functions, materials and parts, their ultimate purpose is to protect people's safety.

    Thanks for listening to Mia explain the prodcuts, see you next time!