Safety Police Baton Light-Two

- Jan 20, 2021-

    Good day, everyone, this is Mia. Today we will continue our discussion about the information related to the baton, so that everyone can understand the role of the baton in life and where it should be used.


    Yesterday, we introduced the three battery-type baton, rechargeable baton and multi-function baton, and we also explained different places to you. The multi-function baton was also explained in detail before, you can go to review it. Today I'm going to focus on battery batons and charging batons.

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    The handle is made of threaded non-slip texture, comfortable to use, good anti-slip, and convenient nylon wristband lanyard at the bottom for easy carrying and transportation.Built-in 6 super bright LED lamp beads, high brightness, long life, visible distance can reach more than 100M, with two flashing modes; flashing and steady brightness, free to switch.

    PVC outer tube is impact resistant, sturdy and durable, high reflective crystal lattice, and the nighttime reflective effect is outstanding. Waterproof gasket design, Waterproof gasket is used in the threaded box of the battery box. Generally, the medium and small rainfall can also be used. The dry battery is powered, and the maintenance and replacement is more convenient.

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    Charging Truncheon is also very convenient in use, USB charger is widely used, you don't have to worry about finding a suitable charger for charging.Waterproof design allows him to be used in different environments, more extensive use, more convenient.

    Wide range of uses, suitable for road command, diversion and inspection, traffic pavement site separation warning, airport command, evacuation crowd command, etc., is an ideal choice for parking guides and crowd command or school road crossing.


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    Thanks for listening to Mia explain the products, see you next time!