Same Characters Of Two Warninng Lights

- Mar 09, 2021-

    Good day,this is DEKE,welcome back to my channel. Yesterday,we have discussed the difference bewteen safety emergency and road warning light from product's shape,material,working modes ,working function and weight. If you still don't understand those knowledge,you can review and leave message for us. Let‘s start to introduce same characters of safety emergency light and road warning light.

    The role of product. Even through they are not similar in shape,but they perform the same function. For example,they not noly can work on the open air flash warning light to remind pedestrians and drivers,but also can be used in runway and highway,when you meet some troubles,it can become your practical tool and its weight is so lightweight,you can take it anywhere that you need. At the same time,you can put it in your car,your backpack and your security kit,they don't take up a lot of space.


    Magnetic. They both have magnetic,but the function of magnetic is not similar. They can be adsorbed on iron and steel products, strong adsorption, will not easily fall, can be a long time adsorption in one place. The road warning light usually can be used with traffic cone,put it on the top of traffic cone,there is a connector to contact traffic cone and road warning light. The safety emergency light just need to put in platform and the place where it is adsorbed.

    Waterproof. They need be used on the open air,so they must be waterproof and can continue to work. And waterproof is a very important feature, it can be used in many places, expand the scope of application of the product. After the product is waterproof, it will be more convenient to use, and you don't have to worry about the use restrictions of the product.

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    Battery. Road warning light have battery and USB recharge,you can choose it according to your requirements. Safety emergency light just have battery to provide powered. They have same style battery to provide powered,on the other hand,when it is run out of powered,you can easily to change the battery,and you can prepare several lights to prevent this situation to happen.

    Do you got it?If you are some questions,please leave your message for us,see you next time!