Single Flashing Police Shoulder Light

- Nov 27, 2020-

    Today's product, DK Single Flashing Police Shoulder Light.

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    This is a single side flashing portable shoulder light, its external dimension is 76*32*16mm. You can imagine it's probably less than the size of an adult's hand, And its weight is 105g, so it's lightweight and portable to use and carry. At the same time, it can be charged to recycle, reducing the purchase cost.

    The basic voltage current parameter include rated voltage 4V+, maximum pulse current 80mA, battery capacity 450 mah,and flash frequency 6HZ.When working, it has four modes. long press for 3 seconds to start the machine, press the first light strobe 3Hz, press the second left and right lamp beads simultaneously flash 5Hz, press the third strobe 8Hz, press the fourth lighting function, and press the fifth to stop working.

    The flash color of this shoulder lamp is red and blue, with a normal visual distance of 500m. The installation method adopts a humanized fastening and clamping method, which can better prevent the product from falling down and cause damage, and also ensure the work of wearers.

    It can be used in patrolling or warning areas. A single platoon can save more power. To make the working time longer, the lamp can work for up to 11 hours,(The time is also calculated according to the mode used.)
The combination of red and blue lights can better serve as a warning and safety reminder, in case of some emergencies.

    Listen to Mia explain the products,see you next time.