Solar Brightness Strobe Light

- Mar 23, 2021-

    Have a good day, this is DEKE, nice to see you again, welcome back to my channel. Recently, i have noticed a lot of enquiries about solar strobe flashing light, it was used in the highway and runway, at the same time, you also can use power line to provide electricity.

    Basic components. There are five parts, aluminum shell, solar panel, battery, control card and installing support. Because of it usually was used in the highway and runway, the requirements of all aspects of it are very high, whether it is from the material of the product or the scope of work is the need for the quality of the product. it was used in the open air long time, requiring its ability to withstand more damage from outside weather and other sources, so that it can work better.

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    Size of solar panel. The solar strobe light relys on the sunlight to get more energy, apparently, the size of a solar panel depends on the amount of electricity it can store, but the size of a solar panel depends on the number of light beads and the power of the product. We have different size of the solar panel, according to size of the solar strobe light, sometimes the solar panels will provide more energy inside the battery, in order to work at night when there is no light source.

    Quatity of the lamp bead. Usually a lamp panel have 20 lamp beads, a solar strobe light have two or more, according to the use of the location and the size of the required brightness to choose the number of light panel, so that it can provide suitable light to warn drivers and pedestrians to take care.


    Different functions of the light switch. There are two light switch, one is to control light to start a power supply can long time working at all time, the other one is light control, at the daytime light will not working, and at night the lighht can start working. If you turn on the power switch, it will work at all time and waste more energy to flashing, as normal, the product works at night using a light control switch.

    Next time, we will continue to learn about the solar strobe light, if you have any questions, you can message for us, see you next time!