Solar Brightness Strobe Light

- Mar 27, 2021-

    Have a nice weekend, this is DEKE and welcome back to my channel. There have been many inquiries about solar brightness strobe light and many people may don't konw what is the solar brightness strobe light, today let's talk about the solar brightness strobe light's knowledge.

    There are two types about the brightness strobe light, solar brightness strobe light and plug in power brightness strobe light, so that it can meet different requirements to adapt to the work environment. And different size of the solar brightness strobe light have different specifications, such as the battery have different capacities to meet working time and save battery powered energy.


    Burst flash light, also known as flashing light, strobe light, is the use of electronic means such as capacitor microcontroller programming IC, etc., the light source is slow or fast flashing, play a warning role. Blasting light source is divided into two kinds, one is high pressure gas discharge type tube, the shape of the long tube, U-shaped flash tube, spiral flash tube, etc., because of this kind of tube flashing speed, high brightness, has been widely used, But with the continuous maturity of LED technology, it has been gradually replaced by high-power LED light source.

    Another one is LED Light Emitting Diode, this light source is characterized by high efficiency, power saving and excellent brightness with a well-designed lens. It has become a rapidly developing product in the field of flash lighting.


    The appearance of the flash lamp is diversified, with fog lamp type design, which can replace the automobile fog lamp. With embedded installation, stiletto installation inside the car's headlights, fog lamps, tail lights, are installed in the car windshield glass sucker type of flashing lights, have to rely on magnets used on the roof of the flashing lights type suction a top, there are also installed on the car first or bumper, known as open flashing lights, bar lights, the product has strong adornment effect is good and the superintendent performance characteristics.

    That's all about the brightness strobe light, if you have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to contact with us, see you next time!