Solar Road Spike

- Oct 21, 2019-

(solar road stud or solar road marker), is a kind of road nail, set along the road surface, used for night or rain and fog weather, indicating the direction of road advancement, by retroreflective material, shell, solar panel, LED, control The device consists of a visually-inducing facility with active and passive reflective properties, usually combined with a standard line.

Solar spikes flash at a certain frequency at night, and human vision is more sensitive to changes, so its dynamic warning is very strong. Active illumination not only avoids the interference of rain and fog to the greatest extent, but also can be separated from the dependence on car lighting, and the viewing distance is farther and the effect is better.


Solar road nails play an important role in rain and fog weather, as well as delineating road contours at corners, inducing drivers' sights and eliminating safety hazards.

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