Solar Warning Ceiling Light

- Mar 18, 2021-

    Have a good day,this is DEKE,welcome back to my channel. About the LED display product,we have already talked,if you also have any questions,you can leave message for us. Then,we will introduce a solar warninng ceiling light.

    PC material shell and ABS base. There are many colors to choose from, red, yellow, blue, and you can customize the color of the product and the LED light also have different colors,the color of the light matches the color of the shell so that it gives out maximum light. It use sun light to provide power and energy,this way is very convenient and environmental protection.


    At the same time, solar power saving, low power consumption, low operating cost, no need for external power supply, no need to lay other lines. When you use it,you just need to put it in the place where above the sunlight,it can complete the energy exchange. Service life of the battery can up to 3-5 years,it can work for 5-7 days in continuous cloudy and rainy weather.

    Light control function. It cover a solar panel to take in the sunlight and power,so there is a function of light control. When the solar warning ceiling light in the open air,it can not start to work,but it is in a dark environment or at night,it will start work automatically. You just need to press the power switch, light control and constant light mode can choose at will, very convenient.

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    Visual distance. 12 crystal, flicker frequency can reach 90-120 times per minute, can also be adjusted and set according to the buyer for the product flashing needs. Its visual distance can up to 1500 meters,the long distance visual range allows the product to be applied in a wider range. At the same time, it can also be easily noticed when using, to ensure the safety at night.

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