Solar Warning Ceiling Light-Two

- Mar 19, 2021-

    Have a good day,everyone,this is DEKE,welcome back to my channel. We talked the solar warning ceiling light yesterday,and about its shell material,power,energy,light control,service life of battery,number of lights and working time. Today,let's continue to talk about it.

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    How to install solar warning ceiling light?There are two ways to install and use solar warning ceiling light. The first way use a screw to fix it and there is a hole to help install product,the base is made of ABS material, so the product will not be easily damaged when installing screws. The second way,you just need put it on the car and somewhere else,for example a place that can be attracted by a magnet. At the bottom of the solar warning ceiling light has a magnetic to fix product‘s position,It is very convenient to use.

    Waterproof function.The waterproof protective is IP65,can provide it work in the open air and rainy day,products are very tight in the installation process, through the screw connection of each part of the product, the rain water will not easily enter the product. Waterproof performance can make the product used more widely, not because of the limitation of rain and can not be used, good waterproof performance is also a major advantage of the product.


    The shell is made of PC material so that it is not damaged easily,the product is tightly combined by screws, excellent waterproof function, high temperature resistance, better withstand impact is not damaged, the product does not have any peculiar smell, and the use of environmentally friendly materials. Widely used in installation, suitable for the installation of tall buildings, tall chimneys, navigation marks, cranes and car tops, as warning products to use.

    That‘s all about the solar warning ceiling light, if you have some questions, please don't hesitate to contact with Mia and you can leave message for us. See you next time!