Straight Insert Lamp Bead And Patch Lamp Bead

- Mar 12, 2021-

    Have a good day,this is DEKE,welcome back to my channel. Today,we will introduce the different lamp bead,straight insert lamp bead and patch lamp bead,let's start learning.

    The brightness of the lamp bead. The straight insert LED lamp bead is very small, the light belongs to the concentration, the range is very far, but the irradiation range is limited. The LED patch lamp bead is very large, the light belongs to the scattered, the irradiation range is wide, but the range is close. straight insert LED lamp bead is used to discharge light, and patch LED patch with cold luminescence.


    LED patch lamp bead is a kind of LED straight insert lamp bead, common LED patch lamp bead has two or four pins, and there are no needle feet, close to the circuit board copper foil welding. The key to choosing lamp bead is to consider the color temperature, color rendering index, light efficiency, light decline, and also consider the power supply.

    Advantage of straight insert lamp bead. The COB LED lamp, LED lamp bead appearance experienced upright, patch, as the technology progress, it appeared the more highly integrated LED chip directly encapsulation on base board, circuit, an integrated heat dissipation design, compact structure, high power, large power LED light-emitting element, which is COB, seems to be a light bead, is actually a set of lights.

    Advantages of patch type lamp bead. Integrated LED is generally a nickname for COB light source in the market, but in fact it can not clearly describe the characteristics of COB light source. The small power chip is directly packaged on the aluminum substrate for fast heat dissipation. The chip has small area, high heat dissipation efficiency and small driving current.


    Therefore, it has low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity and high heat dissipation. Compared with the characteristics of ordinary SMD low power light source, the patch lamp beads have the advantages of higher brightness and small thermal resistance.Of course, we will choose the type of lamp bead according to the best configuration in the use and selection of lamp bead products.

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