Synchronously Flashing Barricade Light

- Jan 16, 2021-

    Good day, everyone, this is Mia. Today, explain the similarities and differences between the two synchronized flashing barricade lights and learn the differences between the two products.

    The first synchro flashing barricade light used 60 beads, and there was also sensor equipment on the bead panel for better synchro flashing. Because of the large number of lamp beads, the light source will be very bright when working. At the same time, the power consumption of ultra-bright light source is also a factor to be considered.

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    The other synchronous flashing barricade lamp uses 12 light beads, emitting light source on one side. Compared with the first barricade lamp, it has a better power consumption, but both light sources are very bright, which can meet the requirements of outdoor use, and can ensure road safety.

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    Two synchronous flash barricade light battery is different, the first can work day and night, because it is completely dependent on two zinc manganese battery to provide the power of the light, the second optical pattern, in the dark to work on their own solar panels to provide energy to glow, lithium storage battery power, working at night.

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    The two barricade lights are also different in terms of waterproofing. The lampshade of the first type has a layer of apron for waterproofing, so the first type has good waterproofing characteristics and can work without any problem in rainy days. The second model is not as good as the first one in terms of waterproof, so the waterproof performance is not good.


    After reading the above explanation, do you know more about these two products? If not, next time we'll talk about what they have in common, so that you can go deeper, and let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks for listening to Mia explain the products, see you next time!