The Advantage Of DeKe Solar Aviation Obstruction Light

- Dec 27, 2019-

 The Advantage Of DeKe Solar Aviation Obstruction Light

● Solar panels use international advanced, low illumination, high efficiency of the panels, with deep circulation of solar battery for power supply.High stability of solar panels.


● Battery charge and discharge using advanced power management system, in the battery under voltage, over voltage, floating charge, temperature all aspects of comprehensive protection, greatly improve the battery life.

● The control circuit adopts the special controller for the flash light with micro power consumption, which reduces the power consumption of the control circuit itself and greatly improves the product reliability.


● The light source is LED, using imported international advanced long life, low power consumption, high efficiency chip packaging (life more than 100,000 hours).


● The base is made of upgraded salt fog resistant iron structure, seismic, corrosion resistance.


● Lampshade with high quality PC raw materials, with excellent shock thermal stability (temperature resistance 130℃), good light permeability (transmittance up to 90%), UV resistance, aging resistance.Lamps and lanterns rainy day continuous working time more than 5 days.



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