The Different Use Of GPS,2.4G And Infrared Ray

- Mar 01, 2021-

    Have a good day,the new week is coming. Welcome back to my channel,this is DEKE. There is a issue,what is the difference between GPS, 2.4G and infrared ray?You may heared the words about them,but do you konw about its difference?The detailed explanation is below.


    Three technologies are usually used in transportation products,such as road stud,barricade light and so on. Today,they are used on barricade lights,and the range of application is different,at the same time,the function is also different.


    Firstly,GPS mainly relies on satellites to achieve the purpose of use, there is no distance limit between products, this advantage makes the use of GPS products can be very convenient. But in terms of function, only synchronous work can be satisfied, and other functions cannot be satisfied. Because of the use of satellite positioning to carry out the work, the configuration will be slightly more expensive than other configuration products, which is a slight disadvantage.

    Secondly,2.4G relies on the control card for sensing between products, but it also has a distance limit of about 10 meters, but it has no Angle limit, not only can be used on the straight road, but also can be used in the curve.In the function selection above, synchronous flashing and continuous flashing can only choose one, can not have both. If you want continuous flashing, you also need to order the products so they can work properly. The price is cheaper than GPS.

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    Thirdly,infrared ray also relies on the control card,but infrared ray has requirment for the distance,the products working together must be on the same horizontal line and the deviation Angle should not be more than 30 degrees, otherwise it will affect the light flickering during the work. But it has a advantage,can turn on the switch to choose the working modes,sequential flashing and synchronous flashing. The product's price can accept and suitable.

    Which of the three sensing devices do you like best?And any questions,you can leave the message. see you next time!