The Elementary Information Of Aviation Obstruction Light

- Dec 28, 2018-


In the traditional sense, the light guidance system mainly relies on the relevant control system system to guide the target or path through the light. Aviation light, as one of these applications, is mainly used to guide the flight path of air vehicles, or to guide the flight direction.

Aviation light is also called aviation obstacle light , divide commonly into 3 kinds: low light intensity, medium light intensity and high light intensity.In the vertical and horizontal distance is greater than a certain value (generally about 45 meters) on the building and its facilities, three light intensity lights can be used together.If in higher buildings, red flash is generally used, the flash frequency is between 15 and 60 times, the efficiency is not less than 1650cd, if in the ultra high, the use of high-intensity light as a guide.In the use and distribution of aviation obstacle light, aviation obstacle light is generally set according to the highest point and the most edge of the obstacle, the spacing between the upper and lower lights is generally greater than 45 meters, large high school buildings, as high as hundreds of meters of ultra-high buildings, will be set up in the corresponding height of aviation obstacle light.